In 10 seconds? You guessed it right here is another study suggesting that we can drastically reduce the stress on the environment and slow down global warming. For this though, we'd need to give up some beloved dishes and switch to "novel foods".

I need to eat “novel foods”? Says who and what for? OK, so it was a Finnish team that made the calculations and before you dismiss them as another bunch of Scandi do-gooders, consider this: half a century ago Finland was on a mission to eat and smoke itself to death. The macho slogan was: “vegetables are for rabbits”. Since then, they have achieved a spectacular change and that’s why we need to hear them out at least. So, the message of the current study is: Switching from animal-sourced foods, such as meat and dairy, to diets based on “novel foods” can reduce the environmental impact of current European diets on global warming, land, and water use by over 80%. All while meeting nutritional needs!

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