In 10 seconds? With celebrity endorsements and the ever-accelerating legalization of hitherto banned substances, there is increasing interest in microdosing for various psychological, mental health, and cognitive benefits. But is there any proof of its efficacy?

Disclaimer: Anyone considering microdosing should pay very serious attention to the potential legal and health risks. This article in no way endorses microdosing, nor should it be taken as evidence of safety for such.

So, what’s microdosing and why is it a hot topic? There is no formal definition as to - nor agreement on - what exactly counts as a microdose but it boils down to the consumption of small doses of psychedelic substances at or below the 'threshold' or perceptual level of a cognitive psychedelic experience. Some people microdose to enhance cognitive performance and improve mental health and wellbeing while avoiding the perceived negatives associated with full doses.

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