In 10 seconds? Researchers have shown that a novel synthetic implant can significantly reduce pain and improve knee function after surgery to remove the meniscus - a shock absorber between the thighbone and the shinbone.

Why is this important? Sports and other traumas or age-related degeneration may cause tears in the meniscus, which is crescent-shaped cartilage in the knee wedged between two bones. A torn meniscus is especially common in athletes, for example as a result of pivoting movements performed in basketball or football. The worst-case scenario is when the meniscus needs to be taken out. With this, the patient loses something that performs essential tasks, such as shock absorption, load distribution, and friction reduction between the thigh and the shin bone. The artificial implant can replace missing meniscus parts. This means not only less pain but also the chance to keep your knee healthier for a longer period, instead of getting it replaced with a total knee prosthesis.

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