In 10 Seconds? Researchers have unearthed several species of ‘super trees’ which could help reduce the impacts of climate change in vulnerable towns and cities. This discovery could help reduce pollution and make our cities and urban areas safer to live in.

What's the breakthrough? Cities are responsible for 78% of carbon emissions, which is the main driving force behind global climate change. Cities are also more at risk from adverse weather conditions and extreme heat (find out more in this Sparrow Digest). With this in mind, the researchers identified 17 so-called supertrees that could be planted in Houston to help soak up carbon dioxide and other pollutants, provide shaded areas to help reduce heat as well as provide extra stability to the land during floods. This work aimed to provide a link between climate and health and led to a three-part framework that can be adapted and applied to any city to help combat several issues.

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