In 10 seconds? It seems humans and farm animals are in competition for an old-new food: lupin beans. The protein-rich foodstuff popular in Italy and the Middle East is an emerging favorite of plant-based food fans and offers a cheap alternative in animal feeds.

Bean in animal feed? Why? Livestock – especially poultry and pig - production, is highly dependent on imported soybean, exposing the risks related to monoculture and single crop dominance in the global trade. Researchers say that global crop demand – including for soya - is expected to increase by 60-110% by 2050. Climate change and pest pressure have already affected soya yields in some countries (including the US that supplies 34% of global soybean production) and concerns are rising for its sustainable supply. Lupin is a rich source of digestible protein and could become a sustainable substitute for protein in monogastric animal feed.

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