In 10 seconds? Children can deal better with COVID-19 than adults. According to a recent study young children mount a better antibody and immune cell response.

What were the results of the research? The study involved 91 children and 154 adults (median age of 7 and 41 years, respectively), of which 35 children and 81 adults were previously tested positive. Although there was no difference between them in the antibody response against four of the major viral proteins of the virus (spike, nucleocapsid, RBD, and NTD), children previously infected with Covid-19 had 2.1-fold higher immune cell activity against spike protein compared to adults. Plus, children had better retention of their immune activity compared to adults, as no children showed a loss in immune activity against SARS-CoV-2 for 12 months, compared to a 7% loss of activity among adults.

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