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Aging helps us to stress less
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Aging helps us to stress less

In 10 seconds? Getting older? There is a reason to look on the bright side in one aspect. A longitudinal study conducted over 20 years has found that people report experiencing less stress as they age. How did they find this out?...

by Adam Ghellache ∙ February 20, 2023 ∙ 4 min read
Don’t freak out - memories can be erased
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Don’t freak out - memories can be erased

In 10 seconds? Researchers have managed to erase fearful memories by studying the twin almond-shaped part of the brain that plays a key part in our reaction to fear. This can potentially help us treat anxiety-based disorders bette...

by Dr. Miguel Briones ∙ May 20, 2022 ∙ 3 min read
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